Saturday, February 26, 2011

60 Days

According to my baby count down I have 60 more days till Jameson is here. Or I have 8.5 weeks left. Or 1,440 hours left. Either freaks me out!!! I'm starting to get very nervous because in 60 days, or 8.5 weeks or 1,440 our lives are going to change forever. We will no longer be just a family of two. We will no longer be just hubs and wife. We will no longer be just Jayme and Robert. We will instead be Jayme, Robert and Jameson. Hubs, wife and mommy and daddy. And a family of 3.

I feel like we still have so much to do to get ready. His room is done but we still have to set up the bassinet and put the car seat base in the car (which if you recall from one of my other blogs is going to be a whole other set of antics). I have washed all of his bedding and towels but I still need to wash his clothes for the 0-3 month range. We still need a baby monitor set, a diaper pail, more diapers, a diaper bag...oh and someone who will tell us exactly what to do every minute of every day.

But despite being nervous and anxious I can't wait to meet him. I can't wait to hold him and breathe in that new baby smell (which I've been told is so fantastic). I can't wait to dress him in all of his cute baby clothes. I can't wait to take him to church for the first time and introduce him. I can't wait to laugh uncontrollably as the hubs and I try to get his car seat in and out of the car for the first few times. I'm even excited about waking up to his cry (but I'm sure if you were to ask me if I'm excited about it 2 months after he's here, I'll have a different answer). I can't wait for our other "kids" to meet him. I think Lady will become his protector and sleep by his crib like she sleeps by my side of the bed and follows me from room to room. I think Apollo will be his playmate and try to steal his toys especially if they come in a ball shape. I can't wait to see Robert hold his baby boy. I can't wait to become a three person family and have our worlds revolve around his every sound and movement.

60 days seems like a lifetime but I know that it will go very fast. And in 1,440 hours we will have our baby boy with us.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Shower

On Saturday my mom and mother in law threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun and we are very blessed and lucky to have the family and friends that we do. We got a ton of gifts and now only need one or two crucial items on top of all the diapers and wipes we'll be needing. We played some games to include seeing how big my belly, tasting baby food (which I am not looking forward to at all!) and a memory game. Both of those ladies worked super hard and I really appreciate the time they put into making it a special day for me!

Of course we had to have an owl theme. My mom found this online and got matching gift bags, matching candy wrappers, and thank you cards.

A hutch we have in our house where I decided to display his name along with one of his 3-D pictures in a frame my parents got us for Christmas.

My special chair.

The owl cupcakes my mom worked so hard to make. Robert and I helped with the ears as she was about to flip out on them. =)

My mom also made a bunch of these owls out of Styrofoam balls and felt fabric. So cute and now I'm going to turn them into a hanging mobile.

The food table!

The goody bags my mother in law put together.

She also put together these as well as bottles full of chocolate kisses.

We managed one picture (on my camera) of us playing one of the three games. Here's my mom measuring my belly.

All in all it was a super fun day. Sorry there are no pictures of me opening the tons of presents we got...those are someone else's camera. Thank you so much to my mom and Ann. You both helped to make it such a special day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Room Pt. 3

My goodness! This past week between Valentine's Day, finishing the mural in Jameson's room, having our new carpet installed and my baby shower today, it's been non stop at our house. Friday, we had our new carpet installed in the three bedrooms and the poor hubs pretty much oversaw all of the moving and shifting of furniture and ripping out the old nasty carpet as I am pregnant and pretty much useless when it comes to heavy lifting. He took three days off of work to move furniture and rip up carpeting and spent all day Wednesday finishing the mural. Thankfully, we have some amazing parents who offered their support, time and backs. I came home Thursday to find our house in complete disarray. We slept on our couch along with our 2 dogs Thursday night. Let me just say that is not conducive to being 7 months pregnant but we survived.

The carpet guy was here at 8:30 Friday morning and gone by 10:30. He was amazingly fast and I love the new carpet. It's so soft and clean! Once the carpet was installed it was back to moving the furniture back into rooms and setting up Jameson's room (because my baby shower was today) which I was so excited for! Those guys worked for hours moving and lifting ALL of our furniture and the moms came too. They helped move boxes and then my mom stayed till about 7:00 cleaning the house for the baby shower. I finally fell into bed at 10:30 after scrubbing the kitchen floor and running the steam mop.

I love Jameson's room. The murals came out so cute and with the furniture and new carpet it looks like a real room finally! We have a few finishing touches to add in terms of decorations. I want to add shelves on the wall so I can put his books up there, along with his name sign and the owl clock my brother got for him. We need to touch up the baseboards since the paint got mangled during the carpet installation and we also need to buy a window shade but as far as big things go...his room is done!

The main tree done!

Our little family plus a ladybug.

The growing tree.

The cardinal.

Jameson's room from the door.

His crib.

His super sweet swing that was a baby shower present from the hubs' grandparents.

The dresser with the ladybug that doubles as a night light with the stars projected onto the ceiling.

Because daddy rides. =)

The changing table. Now there are baskets on the bottom 2 shelves.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Room Pt. 2

In continuation of our quest to get Jameson's room finished we tackled the mural today. Last Saturday when I was in Tucson, the hubs drew the murals on two of the walls in Jameson's room. He used pictures I gave him for an idea of what I wanted and free handed it. That part came out so good! We decided it might be better to paint it in parts instead of doing the whole thing at once. We thought we'd start with the trees first and then do the ladybugs and cardinal and finish up with our owl family. So far it looks super good! I was even entrusted with the majority of the painting. I can't wait to paint the owl family, ladybugs and cardinal.

The main tree on the main wall. It's hard to see the outline but it's there.

Our family of owls. There's a ladybug on the branch too.

The hubby's owl.

Jameson's owl.

My owl.

The main tree with branch detail being added. I told you it was there. =)

Here's Jameson's growing tree. Were going to measure him against the tree every month.

Here's the growing tree wrapping around the wall by the door with the cardinal.

The main tree with leaves and detail being added.

The main tree again with more of the detail and my ladybug. =)

Now all we need to do is paint the animals. The hubby finished outlining the leaves and trees. But my battery died and I was too lazy to get a new one. So those will be in the next post.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Date Day

Lately our lives have consisted of work, work, school, work, baby stuff and work. The hubs and I haven't really spent a lot of quality time together the past few weeks sans a couple of date nights...but we're both so exhausted from the week by the time our usual date night rolls around that it's usually just a dinner somewhere then we're back home on the couch or in bed watching TV (hubs) or reading (me). So we decided last weekend when our date day plans were kabashed due to the insanely cold weather that left half of our city without gas or heat that we were going to do something this weekend. So today we hit the road and headed to Tombstone. The last time we were there was when we adopted our 1st baby, Lady, from the animal shelter. Well, we decided to leave our 4-legged friends at home and just enjoy the day by ourselves, although we did a very cute basset hound. We got lunch, walked around the main strip, ventured into stores where I was treated to not one but two pairs of turquoise earrings. And we even caught a show at the OK Corral. If I wasn't allergic to horses we probably would've taken one of those horse drawn buggy rides around historic Tombstone but what are you gonna do?

It was so nice to just get away and enjoy the day together. We rarely do that. Yes, we go to Tucson but it's usually because I need something from the teacher store and as of late it's because we needed to finish our baby registry. And the hubs hates driving all the way to Tucson and then around Tucson so when he goes I know it's because he doesn't want me to go by myself for the umpteenth time. And the hubs really just enjoys staying at home. I can't say I blame him...he works super hard during the week at his job and he's also back in school to get his degree which takes him away 3 nights a week not to mention the homework he's got to do or the fact that we're desperately trying to finish up Jameson's room. So I can't say I blame him for just wanting to stay home and lay around the house but I on the other hand like to get out and do stuff and he secretly enjoys getting out and spending the day together too. So it's my mission to make that happen more often and thank goodness for parents who live in town who are willing to babysit for us occasionally.

Anyway back to the town "Too Tough to Die".

A band was playing on the street...they were out there pretty much the whole time we were there.

The horse drawn buggy. I love these horses.

Inside the OK Corral before the show. We tried to take our own picture in one of the old buggy. Please excuse my chubbed out face.

A man walking by took pity on us and offered to take our picture. Too bad he didn't twist my lens to zoom us in a bit more but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

The show arena. There were 300 people there to see the 2:00 show. We were sitting like sardines.

After the show the hubs tried to rope a bull. We decided he'd better stick with his day job.

I promised the hubs a cold Sasparilla after the show he decided to take a picture of me eating. This was before my cone broke and I got strawberry ice cream all over my sweater.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Projects

I'm not an artistic person by any means. I never learned to play an instrument. I can't draw to save my life, although I think my stick figure people are the cutest around. I can't sing which is ironic as I was in Choir in Middle School, but I can't carry a tune in a bucket. The hubs once told me I sound like a mouse when I sing in church but I think he was just mad that I told him he sounded like a bull frog. But nonetheless I am not an artistic person. I don't "understand" a lot of paintings I've seen in museums. I don't appreciate the lines of a building and I can't handle Photoshop. I just think creative ideas and then attempt to execute them or have my artist of hubby execute them. He's the one who drew the mural on the walls of Jameson's room. Side note: I'm waiting for good day light to take pictures since it's drawn in pencil.

Anyway, I've been obsessed with the wooden letters people hang in their baby's room since before we started trying to have a baby. I've pretty much been planning the decor of our nursery since we got married. Maybe I'm just a weirdo or just being a girl, I don't know. Anyway, instead of shelling out the dinero for someone to make the letters all fancy like, I decided to just to do it myself. I bought the letters Saturday along with the paper I wanted to use to cover them and the little decorations. It took me two hours Saturday night to pick out the paper options. I went through several choices which included a lot of different pattern choices and colors. I finally narrowed the pattern choice down to polka-dots. I know, not very manly or boyish but I figured if I could pick out "boy" colors it wouldn't be so bad. It was getting pretty late and I was starting to venture down that deliriously tired road so the hubs made me pack it in and go to bed. I finally sat down tonight and executed my vision. The hubs wasn't so sure of my paper choices when he saw the letters laid out on them but I think it turned out really cute...he agreed when I sent him a picture text with the letters covered in the paper. He should just go with it from the get go. He's never sure about my color choices until the project is finished. So far I've been successful with all color options and choices for this house. I would like to become an interior decorator. But that's another post for another time, back to the reason for this post.

Jameson's sign:

The letters for his name. I had to go to both Michael's to find all of the letters.

The first pattern and color option. Sorry I thought I had the flash on for this.

The color and patterns I ended up choosing that the hubs wasn't so sure about.

The letters covered.

His name with the little decorations.

Now all I need to do is mount his name on a piece of wood painted white and then have the hubs hang it in the room.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

confessions...or as I call them my quirks

Well it appears the world, well blogging world, has gone confession crazy. Bloggers are writing confessions left and right so I figured why not share a few of my own.

1. I plan out my outfits for the week Sunday nights when I'm in bed trying to fall asleep. Most people are probably thinking about what they need to accomplish the next morning when they get into work...not me. I'm figuring out what I want to wear and on which day I want to wear it.

2. When I eat Lucky Charms I always eat the non-marshmallow things first and then I put the marshmallows into their homogeneous groups and proceed to eat them one group at a time.

3. If I'm bored with a book that I'm reading I always read the last few pages just to see how it ends. Sometimes I do this is even if I'm into the book. I also fast forward through boring parts of a movie.

4. I am obsessed with anything Ladybug. I became obsessed with ladybugs when I created an entire thematic unit around them for one of my Ed. classes in college. I'm also obsessed with cartoony owls and am currently decorating Jameson's room with owl decor.

5. I talk to myself...a lot. Don't judge me.

6. I have a very eclectic taste in Ipod has everything from 80's to country to pop to indie to some songs that have rap thrown into the middle. I always rap along with those songs.

7. I hate loose teeth. It literally makes my mouth hurt when a kiddo comes up to me to show me their loose tooth. I often ask them to "Please put their tooth and tongue back in their mouth and come find me when it falls out."

8. I would much rather text you then talk to you on the phone. I hate talking on the phone.

9. When I'm nervous I talk extremely fast often forgetting to breath. I find that I internally have to tell myself to slow down and breathe or I'm going to start to hyperventilate.

10. I'm a hypochondriac. I think I'm going to die no matter what the ailment may be.

11. I go to movies early solely for the previews. It's the best part of the movie.

12. I hate walking with or behind someone who is a slow walker. My husband is a slow walker. I'm often walking ahead of him holding his hand and dragging him like he's 3 years old. I have to remind myself to slow down when we're walking together.

13. I can't sleep unless I'm under a sheet, a comforter and then another blanket with the fan on turbo speed. I also hate going to bed with socks on. I wake up in the middle of night angry because of that feeling of a sock half way off my foot.

14. In college my original major was Psychology. I loved taking Abnormal Psychology. I find mental disorders and what causes psychotic breaks fascinating. I wanted to work as a Psychiatrist in a prison for the criminally insane. A part of me still does. I also love watching all those crime shows although I'm secretly afraid that I'll die like one of those scenarios.

15. I hate getting rid of stuffed animals. It gives me that feeling of sadness that I'm choosing to keep this one over that one.

16. I'm still afraid of the dark. When I'm home alone all of the lights are on in the house.

Well now that I've shared some of my quirks...feel free to leave me a comment with one of your quirks.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I thought I lived in Arizona

Well today was surely an eventful day. It was predicted to be a high of 36 here in Sierra Vista today well we haven't hit that high least that I know of and it's now 4:48 which means we probably won't. At my house we had no water this morning and still don't. I had to brush my teeth and pee at the gas station on the corner of the major road that runs by the street to my house. This was after the hubs telling me that I should just go pee in the backyard. He insisted it's "just like camping." I've been camping and it's not like camping when you live in a house in the middle of a neighborhood and are 7 months pregnant. But you and the dogs feel free to do what you need to do.
It was 7 degrees on my drive into work at 6:48 but then at my lunch we learned it was 16 degrees. Yay for entering the double digits. One of the elementary schools had no gas so they were busing their lunches in from another school. And one of our Kinder teachers and her class put a bucket of water outside and it froze in 25 minutes.

No, they did not call off school for the day. However, we got a lovely e-mail from our Superintendent explaining that if school is canceled tomorrow it will only be for students and staff is expected to report. Oh, and the other lovely gem is that our Principal's will be taking attendance but should I choose to take the day I can use my leave. Are you freaking kidding me? Districts that call a Snow Day don't make teachers use their leave. And I'm not going to have any kids...I'm going to go to work to sit in a classroom alone and stare at the walls. Oh and school is canceled tomorrow for the kiddos so now I have to decide to take a day of leave or show up and do nothing. I'm really weighing this one because of my maternity leave, I'm already going leave without pay for a day since I only have 23 days saved and wouldn't you know it there's 24 days left of the school year from when I take off. So what's another day without pay? Lord knows I don't make anything anyway and my paycheck really doesn't benefit us but then I think about what if Jameson comes early? Then I'll be going even longer without pay.

It just seems ridiculous. If I'm not going to have any kids anyway then does it really matter if I'm sitting in my classroom? And why do I need my attendance verified especially when no one cares about my attendance when I'm at school by 7 every day when I don't start getting paid until 7:30 or when I'm there until 4:30-5 most days when I stop getting paid at 2:50 or when I go in on the weekends and put in between 3-5 hours which are of course uncompensated? But I digress...back to the original reason for this post.

I thought we lived in Southern Arizona! It was 28 degrees on my drive home which was noticeably warmer then it had been all day. My poor hubs left work at lunch and it takes him 30 minutes to get to work every day because of where he works on the Fort, to check and see if we had water and to assess the gas/heat issue since we were all concerned about it at lunch. Well we had heat but no water still and when I got home the hubs was there, he left work early so he could check before he went to class tonight and still no water. He had/has my electric blanket and heating pad wrapped around the pipes outside and at one point had my blow dryer going. Still I'll be showering at my parents' who have water but no heat. I guess cold water is better than no water.

I have a picture of the electric blanket but my camera scrambled it and I don't want to go back outside. =)