Sunday, July 24, 2011

sweet dreams

Well the time finally came for baby J to leave his bassinet in our room and move to his crib in his room. Oh, what a sad moment it was. My eyes definitely teared up when we placed him in his crib. He slept like a baby while I slept horribly. I tossed and turned all night while he slept soundly. I missed hearing him breathe or sigh in his sleep. I missed rolling out of bed and looking into his bassinet to see him looking back at me with a giant smile on his face. When he finally did wake up at 6:30 am the sounds of his noises and cry were muffled coming across the monitor which was very different and will take some getting used to. But when I went in to get him he was wedged in the corner of his crib and still met me with a smile. 

Sweet dreams baby boy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 months

Baby J is 3 months old today. It's hard to believe how fast time is going. He has started with his sitter which broke my heart but is "a necessary part of growing up...for both of you", according to my mom. He's becoming more like a real person every day. He smiles a lot more on his own now, and even smiles when me or the hubs come into his line of vision. He turns his head to look at different things or to find where a noise came from. He found his hands a few days ago but is still trying to figure out how they work. He makes more cooing noises and will often try to "talk" back when you say something to him. Ceiling fans are still his best friends and he gets angry if they're not moving after awhile. He loves to stand up (with our help of course) and he holds his head pretty steady. When we lay him down and pick him up with his hands his head more often than not goes along instead of lagging behind. We're starting to work on him sitting with support. He also kicks and moves around now when he's in his bouncy seat and when we do play time on the ground he kicks around and will try to hit things. Although the poor kid HATES tummy time. Baby J loves to be outside and when he's grumpy a walk in someone's arms will usually quiet him down.

He also has taken to his routine pretty well...although it's a little off from starting with his sitter and all the new exciting things happening over there. He sleeps on average for about 7 hours straight at night...8 if we're really lucky. He's usually up by about 8 and ready for the day. He eats then and plays for about an hour before crashing out between 9-9:30. He'll sleep for about an hour or two then up again to eat, be changed and play time. Then about 2 or 3 we try for a nap which he fights but will finally exhaust himself enough to fall asleep for another hour or two. Then up with a cat nap around 6 then it's bath time around 8 and bottle around 9 and then he's out usually till 4 or 5.

Happy 3 months baby J!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

The first 4th of July the hubs and I were together we (me) decided we should tie-dye T-shirts to wear to a party we were going to and it sort of stuck. Now every 4th of July we tie-dye and last year we got our parents in on it and my brother. This year we traded my brother for one of Robert's and added Jameson. Maybe next summer we can get all of the family involved. But nonetheless it's still a good time. Some of us get really into it and some of us tie-dye the same shirt over again. This year was obviously baby J's first year and next year he'll be able to do his own. The city decided not to do fireworks this year due to the Monument Fire but we made up for it with our colorful shirts.

Our tie-dye stations.

Baby J's onesie.

The hubby's dad who tie-dyed the same shirt from last year.

Daddy and Baby J rocking their tie-dye.

The men BBQing on the 4th in the rain.

Baby J with his godfather and uncle.

My mom rocking baby J to sleep.

All of us to include Apollo and Lady.

Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

greats and a baptisism

We've had a lot going on this past week. Last Sunday, June 26 we had Jameson baptized. That's right no more pagan baby for us. It was a special event and all of three of his uncles came into town as well as his great-grandparents. Jameson is a lot of firsts for a lot of people. He is our first baby. Our parents first grandbaby. Our brothers first nephew. And the hubby's grandparents first great-grandbaby. Needless to say this baby is going to be very loved (and spoiled) for the rest of his life. We asked family friends to be his god parents and had him baptized in our church, where both the hubs and I were confirmed and married and hopefully where baby J does all of his church firsts as well.

It was a beautiful day. On the drive over to the church the hubs asked me if I thought this was a special moment and I answered with, "No...I think it's more special for our parents and your grandparents". My thinking on the drive over was this is just what you do as a Catholic. If you get married in the church and have babies then you get them baptized. Well, I was wrong it was special and it didn't hit me until the moment the water was poured over him. This is a special moment. This moment starts his spiritual journey through life. And it is an awesome experience. My dad, who is one year away from becoming a Deacon in our church, participated in the ceremony. He did the readings and was also able to hold baby J while Fr. Greg poured the water over his head. You could see the pride in his eyes and the excitement on his face. That was also a special moment for me. And I know it was for my dad as well. Baby J also had the privilege of wearing the same garments that his dad and grandpa wore when they were baptized.

Between all the people who were there to celebrate with us we have probably 1,000 pictures--half of which are probably ridiculous, out of focus and caught us mid-statement or thought. Here are a few of the day as well as a few of baby J meeting his great-grandparents for the first time.

My dad holding baby J.

4 Generations

Great-Grandma holding baby J for the first time.

Great-Grandpa holding baby J for the first time.

You can't live in the west without a gun picture.

4 Generations again.

I just love this picture.