Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Up All Night

No, we're not up all night however you know you're a new parent suffering from exhaustion when you start buying a coffee almost every day after having gone almost 27 years (to include 5 years of college) without touching the stuff. You also know you're tired when you only shave one armpit in the shower and realize this when you go to put deodorant on and one side has more stubble than it should seeing how you just shaved. Sorry if that was TMI...don't judge me.

J man has his first cold which he's had since last Thursday. He was cranky the whole week leading up to this blessed event and was waking up at least 3 hours before normal and having the hardest time going back to sleep. His cold is in full force right now which means coughing and a runny nose which we (read I) get to fix by practically sucking his brain out with that bulb device. No good my friends. No good. We're managing and I'm hoping he's on the mend now but we'll see.

In other baby news we put together his activity chair. It's one where he can push/walk himself around the table to do all 15 activities. Poor kids legs aren't long enough to touch the ground yet so we get to push him around as he gets antsy after sitting in front of one activity for too long. But he LOVES it. His whole face lights up when he sits in it and you can tell his brain shouting "This is so freakin' cool!! Where should I start?" or it could possibly be shouting "Why do these people keep giving me all this stuff?! I have no idea how to use it or what to do, especially since these things on the ends of these long things attached to the top of me are so tasty and good at grabbing things like mommy's hair. I'm really laughing at them because they look so dumb with excitement for me". But nonetheless we continue to put him in it and coo and laugh with excitement when he's excited. Side note: I totally love when he gets excited because his whole body gets into it.

He loves this red butterfly creature.

(I love instagram on my phone!)

Pure unadulterated excitement on this boy's face!

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  1. So cute :) I'm sorry about the cold, I still remember Kayla's first one like it was yesterday. I have only two recommendations...(which I'm sure you've already tried) a humidifier and baby vicks vaporub. That's all I've got :) Hope he feels better soon!