Monday, October 24, 2011

half a year...already?!?!

As each month passes I find it harder and harder to believe that my baby is growing into a not so new baby. Jman is already 6 months old...well 6.5 months now (don't judge me on the lateness of this post). I look at him now and find it hard to believe that he was ever as small as he was. He's able to sit up on his own, he rolls freely from back to tummy to back. He grabs at things and will use both hands to grasp and hold things as well as one handing things. We were finally able to start feeding him. He's not a fan of cereal but loves peas (that's all we've given him as we JUST started feeding him). He can almost hold his own bottle but gets a little lazy. And in the best news...crawling is literally moments away. He can get up on all fours and rock back and forth and pick up his knees but then he face plants. He's fantastic at moving backwards now if only he could pull it out of reverse and hit drive. He "talks" all the time and laughs easy. He's still an observer and thinker (he's destined to be nerdy like his momma) but I think that's a good thing. He weighed in at 16.06 pounds and was 25 inches long on the 14th. Oh my...6 more months and I'll have a year old baby...can you even call them baby's when they're a year old?

Look mom I'm Superman!!!

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  1. he is such a handsome little guy! enjoy him at this age!!!